anti-chafing cream

prevents irritations & blisters
100% made in switzerland with natural ingredients

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the product

why ? 
to prevent skin irritation in sensitive areas (feet, toes, groin, armpits, nipples, etc.)

how to apply ?
apply before carrying out an effort by rubbing and massaging the cream onto the targeted area. For an optimal effect, apply several days before the competition or before intense frictions

zones of privileged frictions :
feet, crotch, nipples, shoulders (backpack), etc. During intense efforts, apply swip®
several hours before. Repeat the operation during the activity as soon as frictions occur.

suitable for all skin types
non-sticky, leaves no stain when applied, does not contain alcohol nor paraben

100% made in switzerland with natural ingredients

swiss glacier water
soothes and moisturizes
swiss red algae extract
soothes and enhances skin
regeneration & skin resistance
swiss edelweiss extract
soothes and prevents skin stress

why choose swip ?

its soft and delicate texture promotes application and rapid absorption, without leaving a stain.
its fresh scent will take you to the heart of the mountains from where it draws its essence.
its sliding properties allow long-lasting protection.
its soothing virtues facilitate healing by continuing to protect sensitive areas.
swip® lets the skin breathe, resists sweat and water.

our story

swip® was created in the very heart of the swiss alps, to meet the demanding needs of athletes in difficult conditions.
in this environment, intense efforts are common and people are demanding. swip®, which draws its astonishing properties from the alps, provides the answer to the discomfort of skin frictions. as well for everyday use or in difficulty, swip® acts to avoid irritations due to friction and soothes irritated areas.
swip® offers the best of the swiss spirit, quality and satisfaction for the service of all !

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